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Intended for anti-moisture sealing of bathrooms, shower rooms, laundries, cellars, etc. Good adhesion to surfaces such as plaster cardboard panels, chipboard, lime-cement plaster, concrete substrates, hollow bricks and breeze blocks. After drying, it forms a ready-for-use substrate for all finishing materials, such as glaze or terracotta tiles, wooden floorboards, wood-based panels and synthetic floor coverings. High fluidity facilitates application in places with difficult access. Easy and quick to use. Doesn’t require specialist tools.


The surface to be treated should be dry, cleaned of dust, greasy stains and other soiling that decreases adhesion. Stir the compound with care before use. Apply 2-3 coats using a roller or brush at intervals of 1.5h. Twelve hours after applying the final coat, start with finishing works. To achieve optimum sealing of the surface, start from the vertical and horizontal corners. Do not use under water.


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