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fundicidal and insecticidal effect

retains grain structure

permanent color

For decorative wood impregnation, gives permanent shade and semi-matt effect to wood. It protects against fungi and insects. For use in- and outdoors. Recommended for wooden elements (facades, pillars, beams, balustrades, shutters and doors). It retains the grain structure and is resistant to atmospheric factors.


The wood to be impregnated should be cleaned and dry (moisture content up to 30%), without residues of previous coats. Stir the compound with care before and during use in order to obtain the proper consistency. Apply at a temperature exceeding 5ºC, preferably at 20ºC. The compound can be spread in one to three coats with the use of a brush (at intervals of min. 3 hours). The final color of the impregnated surface depends on the quality and type of wood, method of wood surface treatment and the number of coats applied.




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