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Peak of protection

fire, fungi, insects, molds


fungicidal effect

insecticidal effect

The compound is intended for the protection of building timber mounted in places where it cannot leach away. It protects wood against fire, insects, household fungi (causing wood decay) and mould. The preparation can also be used to combat insects and wood-boring larvae already feeding on the wood.


Apply on cleaned and dry wood (moisture content up to 25%). Shake before use. Spread the agent in 2–4 coats using a brush or spray at intervals of min. 4 hours. It can also be applied with a minimum 30-minute immersion of whole elements. Minimum 0.25 kg of compound should be used per m2 of wood to produce two-coat, three-function protection (against fungi, insects and moulds) or 1 kg per m2 of wood for four or more coats and four-function protection (against fire, fungi, insects and moulds).




5 KG

Available as a concentrate

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