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Chemi Spectrum GRUNT


deeply penetrates

for external and internal use



Used to treat substrate before the application of paint, glue, screed, putties and floors. It permeates deep into porous, weak and easily breaking substrates, strengthens them, protects from damp corrosion and binds dust on the substrate. It can be used as a protective layer for screed, facilitates maintenance and prevents dust collecting and stains. It prevents stains and is non-hazardous substance.



The surface for laying SPECTRUM GRUNT  should be cleaned and dry, without grease, oil or wax stains. Apply the product at temperatures over 5o C, the optimum is 20o C. The primer should be applied in 1 layer with a brush or roller.

For the first primer layer the emulsion can be diluted with water at 1:1. Particularly absorbing substrates can be primed again across the previous layer. The surfaces can be used no sooner than after 24 h. The final time depends on the quality, kind and type of surface and the number of SPECTRUM GRUNT.25 layers - 100 m2/dm2



5 L

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