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Dekosin components A and B



retains grain structure

for external and internal use


Blue stain remover in wood. It does not dye the wood and removes blue stain permanently.


DEKOSIN component A is used to remove superficial blue stain. Component A acts as a stain remover, while component B is a fixative for component A. DEKOSIN components A and B are always sold together as one chemical.


The wood for coating must be cleaned and dry. Use the product sold. Put one layer of coating of component A, wait about 15 minutes until the stain disappears, and lay a coating of component B. It can be spray-coated. If the wood is to be further machined, attention should be paid to deep stains, as DEKOSIN component A removes the stains only down to 1 mm from the surface.






plastic canister  20 kg, kontener 1000 kg.

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